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What makes Integrity® different – and better than ordinary boat trailers?
Here are 11 reasons.

Our higher quality jacks have higher-capacities.

- Many manufacturers save money by skimping on cheap jacks that won’t last as long as the trailer. By contrast, we use only the highest quality jacks – each one matched in capacity and features to meet each trailer’s specific requirements – for a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Our safety cables replace chains.

- Integrity safety cables are oversized, and plastic coated to last longer than rust-prone chains.

Our brakes have backup systems.

- A trailer’s braking system is one of it’s most important features. That’s why the electric and hydraulic brake systems on Integrity trailers have a fail-safe back-up system that will stop the trailer - independently of the tow vehicle – if any problem arises.

We always use full-size radials – and never undersized bias-ply tires.

- Radial tires are standard equipment on all Integrity trailers – and each set of tires is the correct size and capacity to provide a full margin of dependability, handling, and safety. Plus, full-size radials last longer than smaller (and cheaper) bias-ply tires, so they’re more economical in the long run and can be safer.

Our 5-step painting process includes 3 coats of paint.

1. Welds are hand-ground with all seams filled to further enhance the trailer’s good looks.
2. Hot wash bath removes impurities.
3. Final sand of all surfaces for smoothness.
4. Self-Etching Primer
5. Catalyzed Acrylic Urethane Final Paint

Our safety lube axles are superior to standard axles.

- Every Integrity trailer – from the smallest 5 x 8 utility to our largest gooseneck trailers – are equipped with safety axle systems. Meaning an extra margin of protection for you and your loads – along with lower maintenance and significantly longer bearing life.

Our frames resist rust longer.

- All the tube steel used on Integrity trailers is redcoat pre-primed at the mill –so it won’t rust. And with our galvanizing option, frames are fully hot dipped in a galvanizing process that creates the most durable protection against rust.

Our steel is 75% stronger.

- On the average, Integrity frames are more heavy duty than most trailers on the road due to high quality and heavier gage steel.

Our frames are through-welded – not stitch welded.

- Integrity frames are built from heavy-duty tubular or angle steel, with ladder frame construction for added strength.
- Each joint is completely welded to ensure the entire seam is bonded. To save time and money, our competition may use lighter gage steel, and then “stitch weld” the seams – or leave some seams only partially welded!
- Plus, every weld is hand-ground for a cleaner, higher quality look.

Our trailers are always custom-fitted.

- Every Integrity boat trailer is custom fitted to the exact bottom design of an individual boat. The results? A more secure load, for greater stability and safety – and superior hull support that prevents frame and hull distortion when the boat is out of the water.
- Our measuring process assures that our tubular uprights and pads precisely match the most complex contours of any boat’s bottom, from “step” hulls to displacement hull designs.

Our truck-style lighting is safer, brighter, and protected from impacts.

- Integrity trailers use standard truck style lights, with optional LED lighting as a further safety enhancement. These lights can be easily changed on the road without tools –with parts readily available at most auto part stores.
- All lights are individually grounded for easy troubleshooting.
- All Integrity trailer lights are recessed into the frame, protecting them from potential damage.
- They are also mounted in rubber to make them flexible to avoid “jarring” the filaments.
- Wiring connections are protected by shrink tubes, and all lighting is sealed to avoid moisture within the light capsule